Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 32

Thirty-one down (twenty-one to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

Very little was done, as I was gone most of the part of the week when I get most things done (well, I did warn you!)

Core Studies: n/a

On The Road: n/a

Weekly Quiz: n/a

Rally n/a

Family Member: n/a

Extracurricular: Worked retrieve – not pretty. Spent time with the Clik-Stik and was VERY happy (see Posing for Pictures, below)

Just For Fun: Worked duel heeling and had a great time – even added a few spins.

Videoed: An off-hand training challenge from the TrickDog Yahoo! group (see released videos)

Released Video:


Planned for Next Week:

Now that I’m back (and should be for the foreseeable future) let’s focus and get some things done!

Picture is of a jelly fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

(As always, click to see larger)

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