Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 51

Fifty down - just one to go!

I have no idea why I keep running behind uploading this, after being relatively reliable most of the year. Oh well, something to work on for next year.

Accomplished Last Two Weeks:

Worked mainly on Training Levels Two Step One, and created quite a few clips that are awaiting compiling in a video.

Planned for Next (this) Week:

Continue on Training Levels Two Step One, and try harder to get back on schedule! I also want to revisit Goals, Resolutions, and possible the entire Curriculum (but probably make few, if any, changes)


Released Video: n/a

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 49

Forty-eight down (Four to go. I think. Maybe not)

Accomplished Last Week:

With sons able assistance, I was able to video the last clip from Level One Step Four and get the video out the door (see Released Videos). Yeah!

Not sure what to make of Step Five (more, more, more...) and so we are happily moving on to Level Two, keeping in the back of our minds that we need to be doing more Level One things. Perhaps I'll figure out how to video that at some point.

Been working hard on playing "show puppy" and have received at lot of good feedback, which we are working on. Finished our spin trick, puppy class, and the two Level Two Step Two stays (sit/down).

Contemplated what should happen now that puppy class is over (see Adrift below)

I really liked the Wordless Wednesday picture last week - he looks so much a like a model!

Didn't get much done on BZDogs, but I'm still thinking, so all is not lost. Did spent (way too much) time setting up Facebook. I'm not sure I "get it" yet, but I'll keep trying.


Released Videos:

Planned for This Week:

It's starting out a wet, drippy week, putting a damper (sorry) on our plans to get Henry out and about more (now that he is officially "done" with his puppy shots.) Let's hope the weekend is prettier!

Other than that, the Weekly Worksheet says it all.

Poor Zachary is now on "Weight Control" dog food, as all prior efforts to get him to shed weight have so far failed.

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