Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 3

2 Weeks down, 50 to go.

It was a week of discoveries and disappointments. I discovered The Daily Shoot, and have added my attempts to fulfill the assignment at the end of my last four posts (as of Monday 12:01 am) back on BZTraining.

In addition to being a fun challenge for me to figure out how to meet the assignment requirements with dog(s) as my subject, it is rewarding for the dogs (who love posing for the camera as that means cookies), and a boon for training.

No, really. I can't take a picture of them posing if I can't get them to pose, and that's training!

I also (crossing fingers) managed to squeak my trick in under the wire. My fingers are crossed as I haven't actually made the video yet - the job for Monday. However, last night (Saturday) he was being successful, so things look good. I'll go practice again (once I get off the computer) and I can work Monday on it is as well if need be.

Oh, what is it? You'll have to see Tuesday's post on BZTraining to find out!

The disappointment was that I was stupid and didn't print out my 5x5 Quiz, and therefore I didn't do it. I know, that sounds like a really lame excuse, but there it is. (If I was good at this training stuff I wouldn't have to blog about it to stay motivated!)

My other issue is with New Training Levels, which constitutes portion of what I train. I have several times misinterpreted the terse web descriptions (all we have to go on at the moment) and so I'm now basically idling, awaiting the book, as to do anything else seems of dubious value given that I'm having trouble getting my questions answered reliably on the Training Level's Yahoo! group, no doubt due to Sue working 14 hours a day trying to get the book out, so I'm certainly not complaining.

The upshot is that while I'm working on the obvious stuff, I'm not doing much videoing and not really crossing anything off unless I'm darn sure I've done it right.

Finally, the first Family Dog class for Henry was canceled due to a few specks of mist.


At least the forecast looks good for this week!

Enough talk - see this week's list below, followed by a more generic 5x5 sheet that will hopefully prove more useful, if less explanatory.

(As always, click to see larger.)

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