Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 30

Twenty-nine down (twenty-three to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

It was a good week.

We were able to cross a few things off, I gave myself permission to work on a few fun things not the list (like "Enrichment Activities"), I love my new "gold star and happy faces" calendar to track things, I'm reading a new book ("How Dogs Think" by Stanley Coren")...

It was a very good week.

Core Studies: Zachary finally passed his TL5 Sit-Stay, and I even caught it on video! But as he had so much trouble with it I'm holding off giving it a Gold Star on the Calendar until I've seen him do it three days in a row this week.

Rally: Rally really got short shrift this week (again), and while I have a few vague excuses about kid activities, lack of floor space (due to kid activities) it shouldn't have been that much a hindrance.

Weekly Quiz: Ugly. Just plain ugly. And when will I learn not to put BIG (time consuming) items on the Quiz????

Family Member: We are now at around the 20-30 seconds mark with Zachary. Beau could probably pass right now, but duration is rarely a Beau problem (in the house).

Extracurricular: Zachary passed TL4 Contacts. Yeah! Both dogs passed TL5 Target. Yeah! (That actually turned out to be MUCH easier than I thought it would be.) Took a picture of Zachary with his paws on the lowest rung of the ladder, which technically counts, but I have something bigger in mind...

Just For Fun: Worked the first two and had a great time. Heeling with both them at the same time is such a blast. Didn't get to the bottom two (Roll Over/Bow)

Videoed: Beau: TL4 Down-Stay and Contacts, TL5 Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, and Distance. Zachary: TL5 Sit, Down, Down-Stay.

Released Video:


Planned for Next Week:

Having fun making class time (training) more fun.

Added Retrieve back in (again).

Starting Rally over (again).

Still working on my new BZ Dogs website (who knew that creating a website could be so much fun?)

For the curious, the flower below is an Agapanthus, otherwise known as "Lily of the Nile".

(As always, click to see larger.)

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