Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 28

Twenty-seven down (twenty-five to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

Core Studies: Thought I could test the boys with Sit-Stay (2 minutes, 2 distractions) and found out I was wrong. Both handled the distractions just fine, but slumped to a down before the time was over.

Rally: Not sure the do-over really helped, but we’re moving on anyway.

Weekly Quiz: Wow, how quickly Fronts and Finishes vanish. Will need to work on those again. Heeling was lovely.

Family Member: Seeing improvements in Collar and Leash. Finally.

Extracurricular: Seeing improvements in Contacts. Finally. Also been working on Go To Mat.

Just For Fun: Worked both items, and seeing good progress.


Released Video: n/a

Blog: Preemptive Strike, Sit Happens…, Boring Stuff, More Contacts

Planned for Next Week:

Tired of not actually getting done, so I threw in a bunch of Level Five things. I have no doubt that I’m going to later regret plucking all my low-hanging fruit at one time, but one can only take just so much discouragement.

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