Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 29

Twenty-eight down (twenty-four to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

I'd think it was a Renaissance Week, where training flourished and goals fell like rain... but I'd only be fooling myself. I got a lot picked up only because I had littered the ground with fruit.

Core Studies: Tested Beau on TL4 Down-Stay (3 min, 40', 2 Distractions - food + boucing ball) and he passed. No, I didn't video it (Zzzz). Worked on Training Level's Five low-hanging fruit and they easily passed Down, Down-Stay, and Sit. Beau passed Sit-Stay but, as usually, Zachary did not (made 25 of needed 30 seconds. Arg!)

Rally: Moving on...

Weekly Quiz: Let's try that again, shall we?

Family Member: (sigh)

Extracurricular: Beau passed Contacts. Yeah! Zachary is probably ready to test but as he can still be a little amped the first few times (as in SKIDDING to halt (and sometimes sliding off the end) we'll leave it on one more time). Both passed Level Five Distance easily - a bit of surprise as they had only done it over cones and yardstick in the house, but outside for the test it was stanchions and a bar. Didn't matter, they both knew exactly what to do.

Had fun shaping the boys putting their feet on things, but no final picture yet.

Just For Fun: Worked both items - almost there!

Videoed:Beau: TL4 Down-Stay and Contacts, TL5 Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, and Distance. Zachary: TL5 Sit, Down, Down-Stay.

Released Video:


Planned for Next Week:

Pulled out the On The Road things into their own "block" in hopes they will jump out at me as needing to be done. Threw Watch back in the mix (ugh), added TL5-Target, yet more Rally, and a few more re-do's on the Tricks front.

I've been working on making training "more fun" - we'll see how it goes (ie: my problem solving angst)

Still working on BZ Dogs website... perhaps I'll focus on Warm-ups this week in my quest for "fun". Or I could focus on creating an eye-catching front page so I can finally feel good enough to actually mention it more than just at the bottom of these posts where few, if any, people actually read! Or maybe not, and I'll keep it my own personal place to store bits and tidbits I come across.

(As always, click to see larger)(As always, click to see larger)

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