Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week: 8

Seven down (forty-five to go). I’m pleased to report that the dogs were 100% healthy this week.

I, on the other hand, managed to catch a flu that was in neither the HIN1 nor the seasonal flu shots I received earlier in the season.


Accomplished Last Week:

Core Studies – Worked on Stand from Sit and Stand Stay

Quiz results: Still spotty on throwing away trash. Other than that, they did beautifully.

Citizenship – Still working those out-of-sight stays using the Find it! as a reward (the duck is dead, long live the duck!)

Family Member – Zachary is almost to the point where he will let me slip his collar over his head without trying to take it in his mouth (think: horse and bridle.)


There is a marked decrease in both his reaction to outside “thuds” and the length of time it takes him to settle back down again.

Extracurricular – Both dogs are happily jumping over my pseudo-broad jump board.

Just For Fun – Zachary is almost to the point where I can put a cookie on his nose without me having my other hand under his chin to steady his head.


Blue Bar – Videoed TL4 Stand from Sit and Sit from Stand for both dogs. Wrote up ECA – Excursions and Tricks. I am now caught up writing Electives (I was trying for one a week.)

Put up a Scrapbook page of Zachary for Photography – Formal Portrait. Tried to take similar photo of Beau but failed due to his fur coloring and the background. Will try to work out something else.

Released Video – Zachary – Training Levels Four (part 1) – Down from Stand, Sit from Down, Stand, Stand Stay, Handling, and Target.

Planned for This Week:

This is the last week in February.

Back to rain in the forecast.

Core Studies – !@#$ Loose Leash remains. Added last remaining item for this category from the February Syllabus.

Quiz: First two items are for ECA – Dance, the rest are left over from last week and still need work.

Citizenship – Same as last week.

Family Member – Same as last week.

Extracurricular – Same as last week – should be able to video broad jump as soon as the weather lightens up (the spot where I can work on it is rather dark for video unless the sun is out, and it’s been overcast and gloomy.)

Photography – I wanted to do four requirements for February and I’ve now done three for Zachary but only 1 for Beau. That’s not to say I haven’t taken photos for three for Beau, rather that I have only felt successful for one of them.

Dance – Both dogs are four for four.

Just For Fun – Hoping to video this by the end of the week. Zachary is really close.

Field Trip – Rainy weather…

Blue Bar – Need to pick another ECA item – perhaps something from Partner? Will put together a TL 4 video for Beau. Need to write up March’s Syllabus.

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