Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Syllabus

Two months down, ten to go.

Oh dear... how quickly the months pass!

As I was writing up my March Syllabus I realized I made a tiny mistake on the February Syllabus. It seems I neglected to account for Training Level Four’s On The Road requirement, which is Training Level Two.


While I had noted it in on my master calendar ("Do four items") they never made it to the February Syllabus, and so never made it to my Weekly Worksheets, and so never got done.


So, this month I’m looking at eight, count them, eight items. In light of that, I dropped all Canine Good Citizen activities except Out of Sight Stays, which automatically get worked on during the daily “Hide The Duck.”

I also need to redo Zachary’s Training Level One (On The Road) video as the clipped turned out horribly and I’m too embarrassed to upload it.

Those wretched Training Level Three items are still hanging around – Leash Manners, Stand-Stay and Zen… all still lingering about due to lack of a filmable stranger – or lack of my desire to dredge up a filmable stranger. They are about to be joined by Training Level Four’s Leash Manners – I am so going to have to solve this soon!

I’ve added more Electives to the list. In addition to my much-loved (by me) Photography items, there are now things from Excursions (down in Field Trips). Companionship, Manners and Tricks will be explored to see what the boys already know.

If all goes well I’ll write up another four Electives in March, to begin being worked on in April, and I’ll be so swamped with things to do that I won’t get anything done.

Ok… it’s probably not that bad. Electives are supposed to encompass many real-world things, so assuming I’m getting my boys out, I should be able to cross things off as we go.


(Stop laughing.)

And finally, we have the Trick of the Month, which hails from The Helping Paw. I might never need to close another door again!

(As always, click to enlarge.)

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