Monday, February 8, 2010

Week: 6

Five down (forty-seven to go) – and if last week was “Started great then when down in flames”, then this week was “Started in flames and rose from the ashes.”

Whatever Beau had most of last week, Zachary had at the start of this week. Thankfully, he seemed to have been hit less hard.

Accomplished Last Week:

Core Studies – Loose Leash - This is turning into quit a problem finding time to get outsite while still daylight. I wish I could work on it during normal walks, but hubby is under whelmed by the idea.

Quiz results: Both dogs were 100% on all non-honor activities. The honor works at 20’ away, but anything closer and they break.

Citizenship – Worked out-of-sight stays in the context of the dogs waiting while I hide the duck during lunchtime play. This has the advantage of not requiring a food reward (a prerequisite for a kibble-and-cottage-cheese only week.) This is huge challenge for Zachary (who adores finding the duck) and therefore really great practice.

Family Member – This is the category got to shine while the others were idling. Both dogs will now come when I call even though they are engaged in all-out play. I still need to be a bit louder than normal to get their attention, but they disengage and come running when they hear me.

We are making good progress in the “thud” department, and Zachary not only comes to me when called after he hears thuds (firing off a short volley of barks first) but will then walk by my side (with lots of encouragement) as we go to find the cookie jar for a reward. I’m really pleased with his progress here.

Zachary is also calming down during leashing, but only after Beau has gone out of the house.

Extracurricular – both are shaping exercises, and I avoided them most of this week due to tender tummies.

Just For Fun – see above – although I did work a bit on last Month’s Trick this weekend. My biggest problem is lack of a good item to be “trash”. The paper gets too wet, and crumpled up foil is mouthed (and flattened) so much that I’m afraid someone is going to try to swallow it.

Blue Bar – Videoed Zachary Level Three – Watch (yeah!), Go To Mat, and both dogs doing the Trick (although neither is that exciting.) Wrote a draft version for ECA – Companionship. Photo of the Week: Scrapbook – Light and Shadow.

Released Video – n/a

Planned for This Week:

Starting in on Training Levels Four items. Hopefully everyone will remain healthy.

Core Studies – Kept Loose Leash on the page, but I’m not that hopeful of finding daylight to work on it. Added Down/Sit from Level Four.

Quiz: First two items are for ECA – Dance.

Citizenship – I’m beginning to think these items are permanently etched onto the page.

Family Member – Pretty much like last week, except I’ve added TL-4 Handling.

Extracurricular – Still waiting to get that board in the house. Added TL-4 Target. Dance items are listed in the Quiz.

Just For Fun – Will start on the Cookie trick while I polish the Trash trick in the Quiz.

Field Trip – Weather is iffy – will try to make it downtown.

Blue Bar – Need to write up at least one new Extracurricular Activity. As I was hoping to write up one a week, I am now one behind. Photo of the Week will be something for ECA – Photography. Not sure about videoing Zen/Stand-Stay. Since I don’t feel like videoing “strangers”, anything requiring them will probably not end up on film.

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