Monday, September 19, 2011

Week #38

We are working our way through the core studies (sit, down, come,...) evaluation, with Zachary in blue and Henry in red. A green square means they both have passed the item. A yellow square means one or the other has.

I'm really liking this concise format - so much so, that I have added a new chart, this one for basic skills needed for Extracurricular Activities. Sadly, Henry knows few things on this chart, but I'll give them all a try and see what moves him. :)

While I was out today, I stumbled across something that would make a great halloween prop, but it will require a bit of work. We'll see if we are successful or not - but until I give up on it, you'll see it at the very end of the page.

Finally, for the moment, the weekly quiz has been replaced by a weekly warmup. This is mostly because the sort of basic skills I normally quiz on (sit, down, come,...) are what I'm evaluating, and "all work and no play makes the boys go away".

So, for at least the next few weeks, the warmups will be tricks they enjoy, get them moving, and "in the game".

(As always, click to see larger)


  1. Tell Henry he's still doing better than I am!

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