Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week: 5

Four down (forty-eight to go) and let me say, right off the bat, it wasn’t my fault!

I started Monday with renewed vigor, determined to get back on schedule. Tuesday was splendid, and I videoed Beau’s Go To Mat. I could have done Zachary’s as well but I was running low on time. Wednesday Beau came down with intestinal distress and the rest of the week the boys were relegated to plain kibble and cottage cheese.

No treats = No school (No, I can't work one and not the other. Cookie parity must prevail!)

I’m still trying to decide if I should just tack days onto the end of the year (like Snow Days) or try to insert Make-up Days.

Accomplished Last Week:

Core Studies – n/a

Quiz results: Just two days worth, so we’ll repeat Quiz items this coming week.

Citizenship – n/a

Family Member – Zachary continues to creep toward good behavior in the car. Worked on Calm for Collar as well. Finished Go To Mat for Beau. Awaiting filming before declaring Zachary “finished”.

Extracurricular – n/a

Just For Fun – Both dogs are a bit slow to get started, but then turn into waste cleanup machines. Will bleed over into next week on this one, as I’ve thrown myself a bone for February’s Just For Fun.

Blue Bar – Videoed Beau on Level Three: Go To Mat. Photo of the Week was taken Saturday in the family room with Zachary on the sofa and Beau on the ground. Had to keep it short since I didn’t want to give Beau too many cookies on his still tender tummy. Both dogs were quite good with their stays. Finally bought that second mat! Wrote up description for Elective - Dance.

Released Video – n/a

Planned for This Week:

Core Studies – Looks just like last week.

Citizenship – Holding at optional for another week while I try to catch up elsewhere.

Family Member – Pretty much like last week.

Extracurricular – Again, looks like last week.

Just For Fun – Listing February's trick, but still need to finish up and film January's.

Field Trip – Guess what – it’s supposed to rain again this week…

Blue Bar – Need to pick two Extracurricular activities to write about. Will charge up the camera and do some marathon filming to try to catch up.

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