Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 39

OK, I’ll admit it: two sheets was a bad idea.

Soooo… we are back down to one sheet, with a special “Big Dog” section for Zachary and the majority devoted to Henry (the puppy formerly known as One-of-Ten). I think that will work because the things Zachary is working on take so much more practice that there are far fewer of them.

Other differences:

  • dark blue font means “new” for this sheet, as green didn’t show up (gee, what a surprise, given that the page is green!)
  • cute little pencil “bullet” for Training Level’s things – since I list them under my curriculum headings they are scattered about. Makes it easier to find them this way.
  • No Quiz for a few weeks until he actually learns things, and Zachary will get quizzed on whatever five things I happen to be thinking about when I decide to give the quiz.

Most of the sheet looks like last weeks (keeping in mind that Henry came home on Saturday, so “last weeks” sheet was really just 2 days worth!)


Released Video:

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