Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 37

Continued to work on that "rock back" sit and getting him close for Training Levels Four - Front. He could probably pass at this point, but a few extra days would make it even better.

Zachary learned "Flat" (lie on your side) really fast, and now I'm starting to hold his front paws for a few seconds while he is so positioned in preparation of scissoring his paws. Yes, this is something he should have learned ages ago, but the groomer does a nice job and I was lazy.

Spent way too much time on Vicky's Finger Holding Contest, but we had a good time and it seemed to help, so I guess that's all that matters.

Look for a big change in the worksheet next week (if I can scrounge up the time!) as I try to figure out how to get one-of-ten and Zachary on the same sheet.

The wasn't a problem for Beau and Zachary, as they were "on the same page" (groan) educationally. Obviously, that isn't the case for Zachary and the puppy. I really don't want to have two pages, nor do I want to short change anyone, so this is obviously something that will need further planning.

I've been reading a lot of puppy books, playing a lot with Zachary, and productivity on Training Levels has slowed dramatically, although what we are working on is being well worked on.

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