Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 35

Accomplished Last Week:

Mostly worked on Fronts and Finishes.

Spent a fair amount of time simply playing with Zachary, who probably misses Beau's company even more than we do (as hard as that is to imagine.)

Planned for Next Week:

Pared down my list some what, and will probably do even less than is on it.

Puppy prep is high on the list, as is keeping Zachary as busy as possible. Poor snug bug misses having a canine companion, and so we are trying to take up the slack until the new puppy arrives.

I'm also going to dust off my Primary School curriculum and reassess it, in light of what I learned from Zachary.

Finally, field trips to parks and other outdoor adventures (other than sidewalks and "human" places) have been canceled until further notice, to avoid tracking anything into the house that might prove harmful for the puppy.

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