Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 33

Thirty-two down (twenty to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

A small miracle occurred: Zachary seems to have finally figured out what sit-stay means! (See Sit Stay post for details)

I have been faithful keeping BZ's Calendar, and updated the blog view of it yesterday (as will try to do every Sunday.)

Core Studies: Completed TL4: Sit-Stay and Watch for both Zachary and Beau. Yeah!!!

Worked on TL5-Come (their recall is lovely, but Zachary's finish is horrible) and TL5-Heel (should be testable, just need to do it)

On The Road: Arg!!! I swore to myself I was going to get Zachary out with the video camera so I could scratch these off and I never got there. Seriously, the only thing I need to do is make the video.

Weekly Quiz: Hubby's Pile O Stuff remained in the way, squishing any possibility of testing this.

Rally: Leaving this as I really wanted it to be in sync with the Weekly Quiz.

Family Member: Both boys passed TL4-Mat. Yeah!

Extracurricular: We worked on Retrieve, but without much luck. "Picture advertising product" turned into "Picture of pudgy bellies" (see Weight Loss) but at least I got good pictures of pudgy bellies as they were dutifully staring at the Clik-Stik (see Posing for Pictures)

Just For Fun: We had more fun heeling forwards and backwards and spinning. I really should video it, but then it will be done, and they seem to enjoy it so.

Videoed: TL4-Watch and TL4-Go To Mat, for both Beau and Zachary. No, I didn't video the Sit-Stay - really, two minutes of a dog sitting? Ugh.

Released Video: n/a


Planned for Next Week:

Last try for doing Rally this way. If I'm not successful, I'm going to have to come up with a better way of folding it into their eduction.

Vicky is teasing us with the possibility of a new training challenge over in Training Levels Group... hmmm...

Picture is from Carmel/Monterey - possibly Sea Lettuce?

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