Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week: 12

Eleven down (forty-one to go)

We had a Real Life week this week – full of kid activities that sucked away pretty much every available moment.

What time I had was not great for instruction (being too close to meals, walks, or too late in the day) so I focused on other things.

Accomplished Last Week:

Curriculum: Wrote up Elective – Assisting.

Videoed: TL 2 On The Road – Sit/Down (no aids), 40’ Loose Leash (again), plus played with Synchronized Movement ON GRASS (what a good boy for trying to focus!)

Released Videos: Zachary – Training Levels Three (part 3) and Beau - Training Levels Four (part 1)

Blog: Created BZ’s Video Guide, containing tables (row = behaviors, columns = level) with cells linked the appropriate video on YouTube. There's one for Beau and two for Zachary (as Zachary is also working On The Road.)

Planned for Next Week:

Only five items left to video for On The Road (Level Two) - Come, Crate, Distance, Go To Mat, and Watch. The Come is doubtful, as I’ll need to find someplace he hasn’t been before that’s “safe” for off-leash work, and at the moment I can’t think of anyplace.

This will be another Real Life filled week, and I do not expect to get to most of these things. But having a lot to choose from might make it easier to pick something if I do end up with spare time.

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