Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week: 11

Ten down (forty-two to go) – this week marks 25% of the year gone. Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year, oh, like yesterday?

This week I shook things up by setting aside the “work” parts of the curriculum and focusing on the “fun” parts. Then as the week went on, I came to realize that while I have Goals, I have no reason for wanting to complete them.

This is obviously something I will have work on this coming week,

Then Sunday came – a stunningly beautiful day - so Zachary and I took Flip to foreign sidewalks and knocked off videoing a whole bunch of Training Level "On The Road" things (all listed under Core Studies below for simplicity, although technically some fit better in Family Member and Extracurricular Activities)

What a great end to the week!

Accomplished Last Week:

Core Studies (from Week 9) – Videoed Zachary TL3 – Loose Leash, his OTR items for TL 1, plus OTR TL 2: Down Stay, Sit Stay, Handling, Stand, Stand Stay, Target, Tick, and Zen!

Photography – took pictures of the dogs from a dogs-eye-view for a new scrapbook page ("Share?"), as well as wearing something on their heads, and in a scarf. (see here.)

Tricks – videoed an assortment of their tricks, and filled in their Elective-Tricks pages to show where they currently stand.

Family Member – No problem with “thuds” for the past few weeks, and so I am officially calling this item done. Beau had one barky day before “Find the Duck!” (out of 5) – not bad at all.

Dance – Videoed Training Levels Four – Heel and Finish. (Yes, those are Dance things, if you think about it.)

Just For Fun – Videoed Beau shutting the cabinet door. Videoed Zachary learning to shut the cabinet door using shaping.

Released VideoZachary: Quick Flick – Push a Door

Planned for This Week:

This is the third week in March.

This week I will attempt to uncover why I want my Goals. Let’s hope there’s a good reason! I also have much video to sift through, compile, and release.

As for the boys, I left in some of last week’s “fun stuff”, included some Training Levels things can be done indoors, and brought back the Weekly Quiz.

(As always, click to see something larger.)

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