Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 48

Forty-seven down (Five to go.) (Why is this 47 and the subject says 48? I'm so confused!)

Accomplished Last Week:

Finished Level One Step Four, with the exception of roping my son into videoing "Coming" with me. (No, that's not a duplicate from last week. Last week I was trying to get him to video Step THREE Come!) The video for the entire step is done, with the exception of that lone clip!

We also plowed on ahead to Level Two, working on Focus, Leash, Sit (stay), Down (stay), Go to Mat, and Handling body parts. Whew!

I like the Daily Practice section, and will probably keep it around.

I dusted off my BZDogs Website, adding in some puppy related low-hanging fruit, and then sat there feeling guilty that I had let it go for as long as I did.



Released Videos: n/a

Planned for This Week:

This week marks the final puppy class. Our main assignment was to teach a trick, so Henry has been working on "Spin". He's got the basics down, and we're just working on decreasing the cue size.

We'll continue with Level Two items, playing show dog, and doing the Daily Practice.

I also want to tie up the loose ends with "Grading Preschool", upload my final results of "Rules of 12", and decide what to tackle next on the BZDog website.

Whew - I think I'm doing more this week than Henry!

(And Zachary remains on a diet. I will try to get him over the vets for a weigh-in in this week, to see if progress is being name. I sure hope so!)

Happy Birthday, Big Dog - I miss you, so.

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