Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 43

Forty two down (Nine to go. Yikes!)

Sorry about missing last week. I actually did create a worksheet last week, but finding time away from puppy for uploading stuff can be challenging.

Wow - is he changing fast and learning sooooo many things. Too many to keep track of here.

Accomplished Last Week/Planned for Next Week:

Core Studies: Finished Level One Step Two. Finished all Level One Step Three except for Zen (he’s not even close!) and videoing the Come Game (need to corral my son again.) Worked on Heeling, focus, and especially Loose Leash (see Released Videos). He still needs a very exaggerated Down sign, but we’re working on it.

Citizenship: He still meeting tons of people, and we are transitioning from meeting while I hold him to meeting while his paws are on the ground (as he’s getting too heavy for me to hold for very long!) Still trying to expose him to as many kinds of things as possible, and will continue that for at least four more weeks!

Just For Fun: Ok… skipping “shake”. I think it’s screwing with Zen. Let’s try the “Easy” button. He and Zachary play well (for the most part) so now it’s time to make sure I can STOP them from playing. This was really hard with Beau and Zachary, and I think it’s because I didn’t work on it until I needed it, and by then it was too late! I’ve starting working on “Find it!” using a cookie, and he’s quite stoked. You can see him start by using his eyes, then quickly switch to nose when his eyes doing see it. Too cute.

Family Member: The two big things are “riding in the car” and honoring the baby-gate. He’s great in the car when someone is in the back seat with him. Far better than Zachary, in fact (who is very restless!) but when by himself he wants to relocate up front. Not good. The baby-gate is a problem only when someone is on the other side. We are working on self-control, but it’s race to see if we can get there before he’s heavy enough to knock it down. In the past I used a penny-can to teach respect for the gate – the only time I’ve ever used it, three tosses for Beau, two for Zachary – but Henry is so sound insensitive I haven’t even bothered to find it. I know it isn’t going to work.

Extracurricular: His Drop It! is wonderful, and the rest are well in hand (paw?)

Big Dog Section: Poor Zachary. He’s been seriously slighted in the training category, not helped by the fact I’m keeping him on the old levels while Henry goes through the new. There’s a very good chance this will be the last week for Old Levels for Zachary (at least for while) and I’ll just break down and do New Levels to keep him busy and happy and me (relatively) sane.

Released Video:



Puppy Class!!!

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