Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 26

Twenty-five down (twenty-seven to go.)

Accomplished Last Week:

It’s was a week of failures and new thoughts (see blog posting: Drills)

Core Studies: n/a

Rally Still not “feeling” it when it comes to practicing. I really need more room than I have and as a result everything is feeling clunky and awkward.

Weekly Quiz: See above.

Family Member: We’ve been working on “Don’t run out open door” and they are getting very, very good (and not running out). Same for food on a low table. I left all kinds of yummy things out and left the room completely and the food was still there, undrooled on, when I returned.

Extracurricular: Ugh – trying many things, none of them working.

Just For Fun: Worked on both walking backwards while heeling, and walking backwards while facing me. Both did very well.


Released Video: Beau – Training Levels Three (part 4) – Contacts (walk the plank), Leash Manners (40’, 1 Distraction) Crate (1 minute).

Blog: Certificates of Achievement, Just a Golden, Just a Golden (update), BumpersDrills

Planned for Next Week:

The usual suspects are still there.

As I wasn’t at all happy with Contacts, Scenting, or Retrieve – and I’m not required to do them as I already the four-of-eight optional items for Level Four – I might choose to give them a rest this week and work on other things.

They were supposed to be there to put some fun in the program, and at the moment they are anything but.

The Weekly Quiz will be the official test for the items listed (mostly from Basic Manners). Five passing scores and a total of 8 of 10 possible points = a pass for that item.

... and I really need to dust off the camera and get back to snapping pictures!

(... oops, just noticed I forgot to turn TL4-Down-Stay "black", as it was there last week. My bad.)

(As always, click to see larger)

Finally, for those who made it this far, I'm still working on my new website:

... just for Canine Homeschooling. Feel free to let me know what you think: (or you can just post a comment to this post.)

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