Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 14

Thirteen down (forty to go)

As expected, time this week was short. It didn’t help at all that it rained over Easter weekend (when I actually did have time) so I didn’t get On The Road items done as I had hoped.

It also rained on Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class day – so the first class starts this week instead.

Accomplished Last Week:

Curriculum: Spent most of our time on the extremely elusive (for Zachary) sit-stay. I believe he’s now fine so long as I’m in the room and staring at him, but will still go down after ~15 seconds if I leave or turn my back.

Extracurricular: TL4 – Distance and High Jump

Videoed: TL4 – Distance (10’), TL4 – Jump, High (Zachary)

Blog: Scrapbook – Catch, Training Levels – Checklists

Planned for Next Week:

Weather should be nice, so CGC Class should be a “go” for Zachary.

If possible, will try to video OTR Come in the spare training yard, as Zachary has only been there a few times and it should still be “new’ – plus it smells like many, many dogs.

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