Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week: -1 (beta)

Made some minor changes from last week. I decided to start the "school week" on Monday, which gives me both Saturday AND Sunday at the end of the week to cram before admitting defeat for the week. Switching the start day also gives me the whole weekend to come up with next weeks items.

The other change was to specifically call out Extracurricular Activities. I was worried the sheet was getting too busy last week, so I left it off, but as it is one of the key elements of his curriculum it seemed... wrong... to leave it off so I went ahead and gave it space this week. We'll see what next week holds. I'd like to have the format reasonably finalized by the first Monday in January.

In general, I think this week has way too much stuff on it for a normal week, but I'm hoping I'll have more free time due to the Holidays. If not, then I'll just blame my family  :)   and move things over to the first of the year.

The next two weeks will be heavily focused on Sue Ailsby's Training Level Three, as Zachary's Rally class is on vacation for a few weeks.

(As before, clicking on the image gives a bigger picture. This week a MUCH bigger and clearer picture, as I realized what I was doing wrong generating jpeg from PowerPoint last week.)

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